UB’s International Pre-service Teacher Interns Boost Student Enrollment Efforts in Thailand

The University of Baguio (UB) and College of Asian Scholars (CAS) have been partners for years fostering international relationships and extending assistance for the benefit of both parties. On the 3-month stay of three international interns of UB in Khon-Kaen, Thailand, they have done so many things in the field of education.

Not only teaching English is their job there, they also served as facilitators of English camps and various activities to encourage students from different Municipalities to enroll in Krasaepattana School and Phon Commercial and Technical College (PCTC), sister schools of CAS.

Kheza B. Pengi, a fourth year Bachelor in Secondary Education Majoring in English student, and one of the pre-service teachers in Thailand, emphasized the importance of education for every child.

“As a future educator I believe that it is our role to uphold education, to make sure that each of the children will receive the education they deserve because education is indeed the key to changing the world we live in,” Pengi said.

The student interns in Thailand work with Thai teachers and administrators to encourage as many students as possible to pursue their education, especially those who live in far-flung villages.

The PCTC Head of Foreign Affairs, Thiwakorn Paengwong, thanked the Filipino student teachers for their dedication in teaching students and the support they provide for the institution.

“I really appreciate it because they are really helpful and they give support to us more than one-hundred percent (100%). I can see they really want the students to learn English. The way they teach is something new, and we learn from them and we appreciate their support and abilities,” Paengwong said.

The interns teach English every day to Thai students, making sure they understand the foundations of the language. Often, they visit communities and schools to recruit learners for enrollment. There they conduct English camps to help the children have a grasp of the basics.

From lesson planning to conceptualizing activities and making the class interactive, fun, and insightful, these student teachers have mastered what it is like to be an effective educator making them more globally competent in the field of education.

During conferences with parents, students, teachers, and school administrators, the interns were given a special part in the program to deliver speeches that would encourage learners to persevere and go after their dreams.

True to the core values of the University, these pre-service teachers embody competence, integrity and service.

Written by Diomel Ballado

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