Master of Arts in English

Three to five years after graduating from the Master of Arts in English program, the graduates should have acquired the following:

  1. Demonstrate exceptional comptencies and skills to contribute to the enrichment of language and literature;
  2. Exhibit a strong sense of professionalism in dealing with others in the social milleu;
  3. Display good ledership in the exercise of their work;
  4. Undertake and utilize related research to advance language proficiency and literary skills;
  5. Advocate the appreciation and enjoyment of literary heritage through outreach and extension activities; and
  6. Exhibit a strong desire for continuing professional and personal growth.

Program Outcomes

A Master of Arts in English graduate should be able to:

  1. practice advanced and scientific knowledge and skills in their specialized, interdisciplinary or multidisciplinary field of expertise
  2. conduct individual, and/or collaborative research with a peer/fellow student/group
  3. assumes responsibility to engage oneself to life-long learning that necessitates individual or collaborative effort with the interdisciplinary or multidisciplinary experts
  4. apply related skills in research, professional, or creative works in one’s expertise.
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