About Us

Teacher Education & Liberal Arts

Our Mission

The School of Teacher Education and Liberal Arts is committed to create a dynamic academic environment for the development of globally competitive professionals. 

Our Objectives

The School of Teacher Education and Liberal Arts aspires to produce a graduate who:
  • Demonstrates a competitive academic competence in the domains of learning
  • Displays mastery of the 21st-century skills
  • Exemplifies the epitome of a socially and professionally accepted code of conduct
  • Conducts researches on current global trends for the promotion of change and social progress
  • Contributes significantly to environmental programs and community development
  • Exhibits the highest standards and practices in their chosen profession

Outreach & Extension

The School of Engineering and Architecture is actively involved in extension activities for community development:
  • BSARCH – Planning and Development
  • BSCE – Structural Design Services
  • BSECE – capacity building in automation
  • BSESE – capacity building in Sanitation
  • BET-Mecha – capacity building in metal works

Linkages & Networking

The School of Engineering and Architecture partnered with industries and organizations for active and professional involvement of students and alumni towards program enhancement.

Partner Industries:


TI Philippines, Inc.

Baguio-Based Construction Firms