UB STELA SAC Seeks Stronger Economic Framework: Participates in Charter Change Discussion 

In Baguio City on April 27, 2024, universities and student leaders from across Northern Luzon convened at the Grand Sierra Pines Hotel for the final leg of Democracy Watch’s national series of youth consultative sessions on charter change. 

Democracy Watch, a citizen-led democratic initiative spearheaded by Claudette Hizon and Lloyd Zaragoza, organized the event to facilitate a meaningful dialogue on proposed changes to the Constitution, with a specific focus on easing economic restrictions.

The consultative session provided a platform for youth and student leaders to voice their opinions and concerns regarding the proposed amendments. Among the participants were Aira Clarize Buyco and Leonel Cabaong, officers of UB STELA SAC. The session, held from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm, consisted of a focused group discussion addressing the viewpoints and takeaways of student leaders in North Luzon concerning economic charter change. 

The highlight of the gathering was the spirited discussion on the potential impacts of economic charter change in the Philippines.

Participants from diverse backgrounds, representing various educational institutions and advocacy groups across Northern Luzon, engaged in lively discussions, exchanging insights on how these proposed amendments could shape the country’s economic landscape and impact the lives of its citizens, particularly the youth. The session also delved into participants’ opinions on term limits and the parliamentary and presidential structures. 

As the consultative session concluded, participants departed with a deeper understanding of the complexities surrounding charter change and its potential implications. Key takeaways included the importance of safeguarding the interests of marginalized sectors, ensuring transparency and accountability in governance, and fostering inclusive economic growth. 

With the voices of Northern Luzon’s youth resonating loud and clear, the consultative session marked a significant step towards fostering a more inclusive and participatory democracy in the Philippines. As the nation continues to navigate its path towards progress and development, events like these serve as vital platforms for dialogue and voicing opinions, ensuring that the voices of all people are heard and considered.

Written by Aira Clarize Buyco

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