From Observation to Impact: Pre-Service Teachers Reflect on their Internship Experiences

Baguio City, Philippines- Officially done! Eighty-eight (88) budding educators, on the brink of embarking upon their professional journeys, recently concluded their in- and off-campus internship, marking a significant milestone in their academic pursuits. These aspiring teachers, hailing from the Bachelor of Elementary Education (B.E.Ed), Bachelor of Secondary Education (B.S.Ed), and Bachelor of Physical Education (B.P.Ed) programs, have undergone a transformative experience during the Academic Year 2023-2024.

Pre-Service teachers assigned in the different High Schools.

The journey commenced with in-campus duties at the University of Baguio – Laboratory Elementary School and High School campus, where they immersed themselves in observations and assistantship, laying the foundation for their practical learning. Subsequently, a portion of the Pre-Service teachers from the B.E.Ed, B.S.Ed and B.P. Ed programs ventured into the wider educational landscape, as they were assigned by the Department of Education Division Office of Baguio to various public schools in the city for their off-campus duty.

Nineteen diligent students from the B.E.Ed program found themselves appointed as Pre-Service Teachers in five public elementary schools across Baguio City namely, Apolinario Mabini Elementary School, Don Mariano Elementary School, Dona Aurora Elementary School, Dona Nicasia J. Puyat Elementary School. While three of them stayed for in-campus internships. Simultaneously, fifteen B.S.Ed students, specializing in diverse fields, along with twelve B.P.Ed students, embarked on their off-campus odyssey, contributing their expertise to different high schools within the city. Specifically, Baguio City National High School,Guisad Valley National High School, and Rizal National High School.

Dr. Dahlia Soriano conducts courtesy calls in the different Cooperating High Schools.

Amidst the geographical dispersion, the invaluable guidance and hands-on supervision of the Supervising Instructors, Mrs. Mary Jane L. Wayang and Dr. Dahlia D. Soriano, played a crucial role in bridging the gap between the Pre-Service Teachers and the Cooperating Schools. Their mentorship facilitated the alignment of goals, ensuring the fulfillment of the University’s objective of providing a balanced quality education for young learners.

Reflecting on their experiences, the Pre-Service Teachers shared a myriad of emotions and insights. Ms. Leilanie Pedrozo, stationed at Dona Nicasia J. Puyat Elementary School, expressed a blend of excitement and apprehension, highlighting the stark differences between private and public school settings. Similarly, Ms. Monalisa Malamion, a B.S.Ed majoring in English, found the experience both challenging and gratifying, citing the diverse needs of learners as a profound learning curve.

In a poignant revelation, Ms. Liezl Paningbatan of B.P.Ed acknowledged the importance of self-care and boundary-setting, recognizing that fostering independence among peers is integral to collective growth. Conversely, Mr. Daniel Imbat, a B.S.Ed student stationed on-campus, emphasized the weight of responsibility bestowed upon educators, underscoring the significance of earning students’ trust.

On the other hand, three students from, B.S.Ed and B.E.Ed programs were given an opportunity to represent the University of Baguio in Khon Kaen, Thailand as exchange students. According to Ms. Kheza Pengi, B.S.Ed-Major in English, “I was excited and thankful to be one of the few students selected to have an IOJT in Thailand. I knew that it would be hard because of the language barrier and cultural differences, but the thrill of experiencing new things and teaching and learning in a foreign land encouraged me to continue with the process. And after more than 3 months of having my internship here, I can say that grabbing the opportunity was worth it.”

Pre-Service teachers, Mr. Diomel Ballado, Ms. Janelle Rona Nigos, and Ms. Kheza Pengi, the three exchange students in Khon Kaen, Thailand.

The internship served as a crucible, refining their pedagogical acumen and fortifying their resolve to serve as catalysts for positive change. It underscored the multifaceted nature of teaching, demanding adaptability, empathy, and unwavering commitment to student welfare. As Dr. Ralph Tyler eloquently articulated, teaching transcends mere profession; it is a noble mission, characterized by selfless dedication to nurturing minds and shaping futures.

In essence, the internship journey encapsulates the essence of educational stewardship – an amalgamation of challenges, triumphs, and profound revelations. As these future educators prepare to embark upon their chosen path, they carry with them the indelible lessons gleaned from their experiences, poised to make an enduring impact in the realm of education. For them, teaching is not merely a vocation; it is a lifelong pursuit of enriching lives and igniting the flames of knowledge and enlightenment.

Written by Jan Rae Manuel

Photos courtesy of Monalisa Gracielle Malamion, Michelle Sebastian, Liezl Paningbatan, Monrow Dalmacio, and Kheza Pengi

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