STELA Exchange Students Lead English Camps Across Khon Kaen, Thailand

February to March 2024 – Recently, Mr. Diomel L. Ballado of Bachelor of Secondary Education – Major in English, Ms. Kheza B. Pengi of Bachelor of Secondary Education – Major in English, and Ms. Janelle Rona A. Nigos of Bachelor of Elementary Education, who are students from the STELA Exchange program, teamed up with different elementary schools in Khon Kaen, Thailand, to run exciting English camps. These students served as both facilitators and teachers, bringing their knowledge to various schools in Khon Kaen, Thailand.

The English camps took place on the following dates: 

On February 14, 2024, the English camp at Pa Pao School Grounds focused on teaching Basic English through fun activities like the “fruit salad dance” and identifying left and right hands. Students who participated were given gifts.

Photo by Krasaepattana Teachers and Administrators

At Sueng Elementary School on February 15, 2024, Basic English skills were taught alongside games like the “head, shoulder, knees, and toes dance.” Participating students were also rewarded with gifts.

The English camps took place at Ban Nong Phai Wittaya Elementary School on February 19, 2024. Despite fewer students, engaging teaching methods like the “fruit salad dance” helped students learn the language, demonstrating the school’s commitment to trying new things.

Photo by Krasaepattana Teachers and Administrators

On February 22, 2024, the English Camp at Krassaepattana School was exciting as students from different schools learned English by singing, studying tree parts, and talking to each other. This led to cultural exchange and the formation of new bonds.

Photo by Krasaepattana Teachers and Administrators

The next English camp was held at Ban Jodyai Elementary School on February 27, 2024. The event was well-run, and students learned numbers, shapes, and colors through games and artistic activities like the fruit salad dance.

Photo by Krasaepattana Teachers and Administrators

On March 5, 2024, children from Non Muang Khon Khuk Elementary School participated in the English camps. Dances and interactive games, such as the fruit salad dance, helped students learn new words in a fun way.

During these camps, the exchange students led fun activities and gave talks to help students learn English better.

Photo by Krasaepattana Teachers and Administrators

The goal of these camps was to make learning English more enjoyable and to help students understand Basic English words. By playing games, acting out scenes, and talking in groups, students got to practice their English skills while also learning about other countries and ways of life.

The presence of the STELA Exchange students made the camps even more exciting. Their energy and passion for teaching left a big impression on everyone involved.

Photo by Krasaepattana Teachers and Administrators

This collaboration between the STELA Exchange program and local schools shows how working together can make education more interesting and diverse. By bringing students from different places together, these camps help promote friendship and understanding around the world.

As the English camps continue to succeed, the STELA Exchange students remain committed to making learning fun and meaningful for everyone involved while proudly upholding their school’s reputation. Representing the University of Baguio, they strive to make their institution proud in all endeavors.

Written by Janelle Rona Nigos

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