Heart’s Day Busking: UB Music Society Serenades the Student Body

The University of Baguio Music Society donned their instruments and stepped up to the microphone to serenade their fellow students during their Heart’s Day Busking Event at the UB Campomanes on February 19, 2024.

An annual occasion organized by the students of the BA Music program, the event aims to provide a platform for students to showcase their talents and skills and to boost their confidence as performers. It also provides the space for UBians from all programs to be able to enjoy music through live performances.

Usually scheduled to take place during Valentine’s Day, this year’s Busking Event took place shortly after the conclusion of exams week. A return to form after being halted by the pandemic, the event saw a whole swathe of exceptional performers, from live bands to the resident choir of the School of Teacher Education and Liberal Arts (STELA), Koro STELA. There was no shortage of wonderful music to be had. Several students from other departments, such as the School of Business Administration and Accountancy (SBAA) and the Cookery Strand of the UB Senior High School, also participated in the event, taking the stage during the event’s open mic portion.

“Ito po yung ginagawa nating platform sa mga students natin to showcase their talents at para din malaman ng buong UB community that the college (BA Music) is continuing to advance.”

– Angelito Obera Jr., President of the UB Music Society

As the students continue their academic journey with the university, they will always have the means to express themselves at their disposal. Allowing them to hone their skills and sharpen their crafts is part of the role of the university as the main bastion for learning and excellence, whether it is inside of the classroom or outside of it.

Look forward to more performances from the Music Society and the student body in the coming months!

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