Harmony in Diversity: Introducing KORO STELA

In the pursuit of enriching students’ education through musical expression, KORO STELA has emerged as a harmonious force fostering teamwork, discipline, and confidence. Moreover, the choir has successfully created a lively and inclusive musical community by bringing together students from diverse backgrounds, encompassing majors in Political Science, English Language, Communications, and Psychology.

Initiated on September 26, 2023, the audition process marked the commencement of a musical journey. Spearheading this artistic venture is the accomplished Choir Master, Emmanuel L. Aller with extensive experience in directing over 10 choirs, ranging from children’s choirs to school, church, and community choirs.

It is also important to note that KORO STELA not only serves as a platform for musical expression but also provides Bachelor of Arts in Music students with an opportunity to apply and enhance their classroom learning. Through active participation in the choir, students can translate theoretical knowledge into practical, real-world musical experiences.

Just two months after the inaugural audition, KORO STELA hit the stage at the 15th Inter-school Chorale Competition held by the Baguio Country Club. Despite a limited training period, they secured a remarkable score of 84.6, snagging fourth place in the open category against six other choirs. Talk about a quick climb to the top!

KORO STELA’s swift ascent in the realm of choral excellence is a testament to the passion and skill of its members, the guidance of Choir Master Emmanuel L. Aller, and the collective commitment to musical artistry. As the choir continues to evolve, it promises not only to be a melodic force within the academic landscape but also a source of inspiration for all those who appreciate the beauty and transformative power of music.

Written by Jabine Mackachi & Maria Victoria Santiago

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