STELA Day & Night Revives The Past Through A Retro Style

October 13, 2023 – The vibrant pulse of a new academic year finds its rhythm in the much-anticipated STELA Day & Night. This event transcends the formalities of classrooms and serves as a grand welcome to the social tapestry of university life, where students and professors are transported through a time of groovy tunes, retro fashion, and timeless vibes. After the COVID-19 restrictions were lifted, the students and teachers finally gathered to celebrate the diversity of the School of Teacher Education and Liberal Arts.

The morning session was hosted by Mr. Bonomar Apuyod Jr., the Supreme Student Council Secretary, with the help of Mr. Carlos Villacrusis, a student in BA Political Science. The participants were welcomed by Mr. Cyber Domantay, Governor of the STELA Student Administrative Council; he emphasized his excitement about reviving the traditions in STELA that were halted due to COVID restrictions. Mr. Domantay also expressed his gratitude to all the teachers for giving their time and effort to join the event. Moving on, a great performance by Koro STELA was seen as they performed “Kruhay,” a traditional piece usually performed to welcome guests. After that, the different organizations in STELA and their officers were introduced.

The Day & Night started with fun and engaging parlor games such as Calamansi relay, Trip to Jerusalem, Three-leg race, and Newspaper Dance, where students and professors competed and collaborated. There were also different booths for each of the six organizations in STELA, emphasizing their programs and fundraising. The morning event was delightful with the series of performances from Mr. Justine Nicolas, Mr. Gieyen Tumale, and Ms. Janel Benzon.

During the afternoon, the most awaited Ms. and Mr. STELA and the Battle of the Bands were held spontaneously, hosted by Mr. Adrian Paul, President of Mediatrix, & Ms. Kiarah Bayot, a student from BA Communication. It started with the opening performance of Indak STELA, where they revived music and groovy dance steps from the 1900s, together with the production number of the candidates from the different programs in STELA. Afterward, the judges were introduced.

The judges for the Pageant were Mr. Echo Inso, Ms. Samara Jamal, Ms. Jem Alisto Lictao, Ms. Moana San Diego, & Ms. Jeomay Ann Leo. On the other hand, the Judges for the Battle Of The Bands were Mr. Nelson Polvoriza and Mr. Kherl Victoria. The pageant showcased the beauty and brains of the contestants through their advocacy with DIY Denim Challenge, Summer Wear, Formal Attire, and Question & Answers. The participants in the battle of the bands showcased their creativity in music by singing one Original Filipino Music and one English music.

Photos by Jep Sabatin

The winners of Ms. & Mr. STELA not only possess physical beauty but also exude confidence and intelligence. Ms. STELA Laurence Sabado, from BA English, and Mr. STELA Yno Soltez, from BS Psychology, stole the hearts of judges and the audience with their stunning looks and articulate responses during the pageant.

The winners of the Battle of the Bands had a tie with Syncho from BS Psychology (band members are; Cleon Dizon – Drummer, Gieyen Tumale – Lead Vocals, Jedel Genodia – Rhythm guitar, Justin Buyacao – Lead guitar, Gabrielle Flores – Bassist) and Silakbo from BA Music (band members are: Roland Sajot – Drummer, Juliana Terse – Lead Singer, Danielle Camacho – Saxophone, Nathan Camti – Bass, Jerick Tinaza – Acoustic Guitar, Laurie Ventura – Keyboard, Valentin Dew Alan – Lead Guitar, Sam Pagsolingan – Rhythm Guitar). The Battle of the Bands winners showcased creativity with soul, emphasizing originality and love of music. The winners impressed the judges with their performance and passion for music.

Written by Gabrielle Ann Yvonne Rocha

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