School of Teacher Education & Liberal Arts

The School of Teacher Education and Liberal Arts (STELA) is the home for students who want to make language and literature, political science, psychology, humanities and music, and communication their main field of study. Future early childhood and adolescent educators and instructors are also housed in STELA. Our alumni used their BA and BS programs to study law and medicine, while some have furthered their studies with related MA and PhD degrees!

Our Mission

The School of Teacher Education and Liberal Arts is committed to create a dynamic academic environment for the development of globally competitive professionals.

Our Objectives

The School of Teacher Education and Liberal Arts aims to produce a graduate who:

  1. Demonstrate a competitive academic competence in the domains of learning
  2. Display mastery of the 21st-century skills
  3. Exemplifies the epitome of a socially and professionally accepted code of conduct
  4. Conducts researches on current global trends for the promotion of change and social progress
  5. Contributes significantly to environmental programs and community development
  6. Exhibits the highest standards and practices in their chosen profession

Programs Offered

Boasting alumni with national and international recognition in education and the arts, language and literature, humanities and social sciences, students at the School of Teacher Education and Liberal Arts are armed with research inquiry and knowledge of quantitative and qualitative approaches to pedagogical, sociopolitical, and cultural fields of study.

Bachelor of Arts in Communication

The BA Communication degree can help you land a job in media and its various channels: print, online, radio, and television. Reporting and journalism, advertising, production, and photography skills are developed in our students in this program.

Bachelor of Arts in English Language

The study of linguistics is an important touchpoint in cultural studies. The BA English Language degree prepares you for research, writing, teaching, and corporate work through the study of language, its features and meanings, as well as its application to various fields of interest, including law.

Bachelor of Arts in Music

Music is a universal language in arts and performance. A BA Music degree can bridge you to your creative goals like theater, songwriting, musical performance, voice, and production. Our talented instructors hold individual sessions with our aspiring musicians in their instrument of choice.

Bachelor of Science in Psychology

We enthusiastically and strongly advocate for mental health, and this is one of our thrusts in BS Psychology. We prepare, train, and expose our students to laboratory, on-field, and simulated training and exposure to inform them of their future profession.

Bachelor of Arts in Political Science

The BA Political Science program exposes you to theories and the practice of politics and government in various contexts and its application to the Philippine and global community. Tools and ways for analyzing how the government and public institutions work are also taught.

Bachelor of Elementary Education

Early childhood education is both a challenge and a creative pursuit. The BEEd program covers the various ways that we can unpack the nationally-prescribed curriculum guides for elementary education while exposing you to tested and updated teaching skills that will benefit and excite young learners to different subjects.

Bachelor of Secondary Education

With the shift of the Philippines educational system to K+12, high school teachers are in demand in both the junior high and senior high levels. By exposing you to latest theories and techniques in pedagogy, teaching styles and strategies, classroom management, and curriculum development, we help change the world one student at a time by building new teachers and leaders with the following majors:

  • English
  • Filipino
  • Social Science
  • Mathematics

Bachelor of Physical Education

Cliché as it is, health is wealth. To be a Physical Education teacher, one does not only need the theoretical and applied knowledge of exercise, sports, and physical performance. We also prepare them to become good coaches and motivating fitness instructors.

Graduate Studies

STELA provides further studies for Master of Arts in English, Master of Arts in Education with a major in Educational Management, PhD in Development Education, and Doctor of Education majoring in Educational Management

Research & Development

Research is a valuable tool in the actualization of the University of Baguio’s vision “in pursuit of perfection”.


STELA covers a wide range of fields: behavioral and cognitive sciences, education and social work, geography and spatial planning, humanities and social sciences. The faculty’s research and teaching focuses on social, economic, political and educational issues with the common goal of contributing to an inclusive, open and resourceful society.

Outreach & Extension Programs

The University of Baguio C.A.R.E.S about its community and regularly conducts programs to help it. UB’s different schools and offices regularly give back and spearhead, organize, collaborate, and participate in many outreach programs to help the community. To see more of what UB does for the community, check out the Outreach and Extension page.

Alumni Inspire

Strengthening Connections, Fostering Partnerships

The University of Baguio works hand in hand with its Alumni in helping them develop as professionals and succeed in their fields. UB also partners with the Alumni to help current UBians and also help the school continue to flourish as one of the country’s premier educational institutions. Explore our Alumni Inspire page and find out more about our Alumni.

Campus Life

The latest in all things UBian! The Campus Life page features the freshest news and updates on anything that goes on around the University of Baguio campus. From student articles, UB campaigns and highlights, and event updates, this page covers it all, come check it out and stay up to date with UB. 

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