Kundiman ng STELA 2024: An Inclusive and Festive Atmosphere on Campus during the Valentine’s Season

February is not just a month for couples, but it’s for everyone. The School of Teacher Education and Liberal Arts facilitated an activity for this month of love that is filled with motivation, love, devotion, and support for one another. The Student Administration Council of STELA featured a large wall where participants freely expressed their feelings, thoughts, and wishes on February 14, 2024. SAC- STELA held their very own post-Valentine’s Day celebration, a live performance by talented musicians of STELA throughout the hallway of the Centennial Building, February 21, 2024. The event aims to emphasize and foster student engagement and participation in enjoyable and interesting events for the month of love.

During Valentine’s Day, the confession wall was displayed at the 2nd floor centennial building, where many students joined, expressing their feelings and thoughts anonymously in a creative and fun manner. The special performance of SYNCHO made noise to rock the 2nd floor and to hype the crowd with beautiful songs, with performers from STELA Gieyen Tumale, Cleon Dave Dizon, and Gabrielle Geff Flores. Solo performers also joined in live performances, with Aloha Amóur Patacsil, Brix Rentigrado, and Ram Ferdinand, giving spectacular performances at the event where audiences enjoyed this intimate music experience. 

The engagement activities would not have been possible without the help of the facilitators of the STELA-Student Administrative Council. It is a testament that everyone feels valued and loved every day, making this event a success with love and appreciation.

Written by John Paul Sabatin

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